The Mentoree provides a platform and support to Mentors from our community who want to lead in their own way.



Meet the Motivators

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Apply To Be A Motivator

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To provide vetted community members of The Mentoree a space to highlight the mentorship they can provide to school, organizations, and communities through consulting, speaking engagements, team/workshop facilitation, moderating, and coaching. It also provides Mentors with new leadership opportunities in professional learning and ways to share what they know.

If you are a mentor in the community you can apply to be a Motivator. You outline what you want to do, the number and duration of the session(s) and fee, if any. We support you by providing a Zoom room and using our platform to market your event(s).

What you give


  • Your time and effort in creating an engaging learning experience of your choosing 
  • Create an outline and description  to communicate information about your session



What you get


  • Advertise your event through the creation of graphics, use of social media platforms  to communicate your event to our Community 
  • Provide video-conferencing platform 
  • Manage registration 
  • A member of The Mentoree’s Lead Team will partcipate in the session to introduce you and gather data at the end of your session through the use of an exit ticket