Welcome to the Mentoree!

The Mentoree aims to cultivate a collaborative mentorship community for educators grounded in professional learning, well-being, and efficacy.

Who is welcome?

Educators in any role in public or private education, at any stage of their career.

The Mentoree’s 8Cs of Mentorship

The Mentoree’s 8C’s of Mentorship build onto the 3C’s shared in Mentorship Matters by Wellman, Humbard, and Lipton. Our Mentors are part of a larger mentorship community built on our core values of: caring, community, choice, and collective efficacy with connection at the centre of everything we do.  


We are on a mission to promote professional learning, well-being and efficacy for educators through various forms of supportive mentorship.


Our vision is to support educators by continually learning, fostering connections, and creating opportunities to reflect and grow. 



We value learning with and from each other.


We value authentic reciprocal relationships that have individual agency, dignity, and belonging at their core. 


We value self direction and agency as key aspects of effective professional learning.

Collective Efficacy

We value the shared belief that we can create and sustain a community of educators who support each other, evolve each other’s pedagogy, and improve each other’s teaching practice. This leads to collective efficacy while also fostering self-efficacy.


Connection is at the centre of everything we do.

Our Story

The Mentoree began as a collaborative inquiry into the impact of a 1:1 self-directed mentorship experience on professional learning and student achievement. Through a phased approach, we created a community that supports 1:1 self-directed mentorship experiences as professional learning to strengthen teacher efficacy and impact student achievement. Our goal continues to be fostering responsive, reciprocal and non-hierarchical relationships between Mentors and Mentees and among the community at large. Even the name itself blurs the lines between Mentor and Mentee.

Welcome to The Mentoree...