Mentees are passionate educators who have identified a learning need and would like to connect with a Mentor. Mentees are interested in learning from and teaching others to support their professional and personal growth.

This has been an amazing experience and well worth while. I was fortunate to have the mentor I did and I encourage all pre-service teachers to find something similar.

~ Hoda Ahmed, Teacher

OEMConnect has been an inspirational journey. My mentor was amazing and has given me the energy, excitement, resources and support to reach my potential as an educator. His mentorship will improve the quality of learning and life for all of my future students. Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done, I will continue with the program and be encouraging literally every educator I know to do the same. You’ve created a beautiful community of growth.

~ Shelby Smith, Teacher

OEMConnect has allowed me, as an educator and lifelong learner, to explore new ideas, take risks, and establish a relationship with another passionate educator that will last a lifetime.

-Rupinder Grewal, Teacher

What You Get

Mentees get the opportunity to:

  • build a relationship with a new learning partner
  • share knowledge and experiences in ways that will contribute to another educator’s personal and professional growth
  • learn from your Mentor
  • find inspiration and support

    What You Give

    Mentees who register with 1:1 Mentorship Community are interested in connecting with potential Mentors for the purpose of learning. When a mutually agreeable connection is made, Mentees give their time to learn with their chosen Mentor.

      How do I join?

    Joining is simple!

    Click on the button below to complete our Orientation.  You will then be directed to the “Community” area, where you will be prompted to create your profile as a Mentor/Mentee or both, search for a Mentor, as well as access resources to help you get started on your Mentorship journey.




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