Conversations to Build Capacity 


Educators engage in professional conversations around an educational topic, facilitated by a Mentor, where each participant matters.


There are various formats because #ConversationsBuildCapacity.  

Conversations to Build Capacity

Learn more about Conversations to Build Capacity.

Conversations to Build Capacity

Conversations to Build Capacity aim to be what they are named. These conversations help participants learn from the Mentor about a new idea, skill, or tool, and they help the community learn from each other through conversation formats including:

  • Circle Conversations
  • Responsive Presentations
  • Casual Conversation
  • Carousels of Conversation 

Circle Presentations

Circles are conversations facilitated by one of our Mentors around an education-related topic but shaped by “who is in the room”. Everyone’s camera is on so that can take a seat t the table of conversation.


  • Participants join Circles using their video and audio to engage in conversations facilitated by a Mentor
  • Circles are limited to 10 participants plus the host
  • Registration is required (*sessions are not recorded)

Responsive Presentations


Responsive Presentations are delivered by one of our Mentors who present on an education-related topic while engaging participants in conversations that invite them to ask questions, share ideas, and drive their learning.


  • Participants use audio (video is optional) to engage in a responsive presentation delivered by a Mentor
  • Responsive Presentations are limited to 20 participants plus the host
  • Registration is required (*sessions are not recorded)

Casual Conversation

Drop in for a  Casual Conversation.  Join Dr. Teri Rubinoff who provides a a place to talk any and all things EDU.  Check the newsletter for dates. No registration is required.

Carousel of Conversation

A Carousel of Conversation is an event where participants can hear from a selection oof Mentors (usually 3) about an educational topic and get  to raise questions and ask the educators their questions. It’s a great way for participants to hear form and engage with a few educators.

Some of our past Conversations to Build Capacity