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Is a 1:1 self-directed mentorship for me?
You can’t know until you try. You need to find the right person and be honest with yourself when your Mentor isn’t right for you. There are too many places in education where teachers have no control. OEMConnect puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the agency you deserve to find the best fit for your learning needs. BUt, if you don;t want to lead your learning, you may want to reconsider.
Why would I want an OEMConnect Mentor when I am already participating in NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program in Ontario)?

NTIP is a wonderful offering from the Ontario government that provides valuable support to first year contract teachers in school boards throughout the province. OEMConnect compliments NTIP by providing all teachers with unique self-directed mentorship experiences at any stage of their career. We believe in the value of a diverse PLN (professional learning network) that also extends beyond a school setting. You can never get too much support on your journey of life-long learning!


Why would I want a Mentor through OEMConnect when I have been teaching for many years?

We all need help to learn and grow. Mentorship is a great way to help you safely process ideas and break new ground on your own terms in your learning and teaching practice. 

How do I become an OEMConnect Mentee?

Visit the Mentees page on The Mentoree website for more information. There you will find our Mentee Entrance Survey, and instructions about how to register to participate in the OEMConnect Community.

How do I contact a Mentor when I’m ready?

Visit our Search the Community page for detailed instructions about how to contact a Mentor.

How do I become an OEMConnect Mentor?

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a OEMConnect Mentor! Following our initial meeting, Mentors may be invited to join OEMConnect.

What happens if I’m not enjoying my OEMConnect experience?

Please contact us. We are here to support you along every step of your journey. When you take the time to share your experiences with us, we learn more about what our community needs and how we can best serve our members.

What does OEMConnect have to do with voicEd radio?

OEMConnect began as an extension of the weekly live OnEdMentors podcast. As a result of this partnership, we feature OEMConnect episodes on the podcast. Additionally, we invite Mentors and Mentees to join us as guest panelists to discuss their experiences, issues and initiatives in education, many of which are raised through our community.  OEMConnect helps to inform and even drive future episodes of the OnEdMentors podcast, and what we learn from the podcast helps us further support our OEMConnect Community.

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