Mentors have volunteered their time to be available for 1:1 Mentorship. Registered Mentors also have the opportunity to lead in different aspects of the community.

My mentee inspired me.  I appreciate the opportunity to connect with such a thoughtful & passionate new teacher!

Carol Salva, ESL Trainer and Coach & Consultant with Seidlitz Education

My mentee was an awesome learner: kind, a deep thinker and so dedicated. He inspired me! I am so grateful for this experience.

~ Greg Farrell, Principal at YRDSB

This was a positive experience. While I was a “mentor” to my mentee. I feel that the “mentors” were mentors to each other as there were some very good ideas and very talented individuals in the group of mentors!

~ Stacie Berman, Special Eduction Teacher

What You Get

Mentors have the opportunity to:

  • build a relationship and learn with/from a Mentee
  • find inspiration and support in the community
  • lead a Conversation to Build Capacity or MPact as well as other leadership initiatives 
  • Become a Motivator

What You Give

Mentors give: 

  • their willingness and time  to be contacted by and connected to a Mentee
  • their skills as collaborators/consultants and coaches (working fluidly between the 3C’s by Wellman, Humbard and Lipton)

How do I join?

Joining is simple!

Click on the button below and fill out the Application form.  You will then be directed to The Mentoree’s Google Classroom where you will be able to access resources to help you get started on your Mentorship journey. Click on  “Search the Community”, to find out who is already part of this learning community!


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