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We believe that every teacher deserves the opportunity to connect with the mentors they need to evolve their pedagogy and feel better equipped to teach their learners.


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About The Mentoree 

The Mentoree is a collaborative community that promotes professional learning and efficacy through mentorship. Explore 1:1 self-directed mentorship opportunities and engage in personalized learning experiences with educators in a supportive and caring environment through face to face and virtual connections.

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It all began with the OnEdMentors podcast — the longest running live show on voicEd Radio created to mentor preservice and new teachers. Today, vibrant and informative weekly discussions take place among passionate educators addressing questions, exploring perspectives and learning from each other. 

In an effort to make mentorship more accessible to teachers at any stage of their career, Leigh Cassell and Noa Daniel wanted to broaden the reach and impact of OnEdMentors by exploring how mentorship could be a primary source of professional learning and change for educators.They wondered how they could create a space for teachers to go when they wanted to learn and grow on their own terms and on their own time. Building on the name OnEdMentors, the vision for OnEdMentors Connect (OEMConnect) was formed in January 2018. 

After engaging a small team of mentors and critical friends, Noa and Leigh launched a collaborative inquiry into the impact of a 1:1 self-directed mentorship experience on professional learning and student achievement. Leigh’s Digital Human Library would house the OnEdMentors Connect catalogue of Mentors. Mentees would be supported as they searched the OnEdMentors Connect catalogue of Mentors for the purpose of self-directing their own learning to address their professional learning needs. Phase 1 officially launched in September 2018. Through a progressive phased approach in the months that followed, our community continued to grow and evolve into the thriving community of mentorship available to educational professionals today. 

Building on the success of OEMConnect, Noa and Leigh began imagining a space to house a variety of services that focus on mentorship for educational professionals. It wasn’t long before they were playing with names for this new space (one of Noa’s favourite things to do), like The Complimentary. What resonated most with the Founders was the latter half the word Complementory because it sounded like the blending of mentor and mentee. Naming the organization The Mentoree would say everything they wanted it to.

The name represents a reciprocal, non-hierarchical mentorship community that blurs the lines between mentor and mentee. The Mentoree would focus on mentorship as a primary source of professional learning for educators at any stage in their career. We all have something to teach; we all have something to learn.

Today The Mentoree is a collaborative community that promotes professional learning and efficacy through mentorship. What began as a small group of educators exploring mentorship, has evolved into a thriving community of educators dedicated to learning from, and with one another. The success of The Mentoree would not have been possible without The Mentoree Leadership Team, and the Mentors and Mentees who are actively engaged in the community. Every single teacher who joins The Mentoree contributes to making it a the community a more comfortable, engaging, and inspiring place for everyone.

We all have something to teach; we all have something to learn.

Join Us!

Noa Daniel, Leigh Cassell, Christine Chin, Bernadette Smith & Teri Rubinoff

The Mentoree Leadership Team.


Our vision is to promote professional learning, teacher well-being, and efficacy to impact student achievement through self-directed mentorship relationships.


Our mission is to cultivate personalized 1:1 self-directed mentorship experiences between education professionals.

The Wonderings That Drive This Mission 

In a modern learning environment teaching means continuous learning and change. A number of studies have proven that most professional development does not actually affect the desired change. So we wondered, what does?

While there are a number of different professional learning strategies that have been proven effective for teachers, we believe that mentoring extends beyond a strategy as a powerful model for professional learning.

Next we wondered how we might build a community to further explore mentorship and the role it could play as a model for professional learning. Through a collaborative inquiry phased approach, we learned that self direction is a foundational key to any mentorship experience. 

When mentorship is self-directed, non-hierarchical and reciprocated, the experience helps others learn and feel good about their learning in a personalized and comfortable way. By leveraging digital technologies, mentorship reaches beyond schools, boards, districts, cities, provinces/states and countries.

Today, we continue to measure teacher efficacy in order to see how the mentorship experience empowers and enables both Mentors and Mentees, knowing the connection between efficacy and student achievement (Hattie, Donohoo). We look forward to adding our research to the growing body of research showing that a teacher’s belief in his/her own abilities is the most significant determinant of student achievement.

The Mentoree Helps Members Develop    Self-Efficacy

Here is what some of our members had to say about their mentorship experiences:

  • You feel like you are better able to drive your own learning (autonomy)
  • You have the opportunity and support to master skills, tools and/or concepts
  • I engaged in conversations that provoked me to reflect, think differently and raise critical questions about my professional practice
  • It’s an opportunity to construct your own experiences
  • I feel more motivated to learn and take risks
  • It was an experience of receiving coaching and support to strengthen my belief in my ability to succeed 
  • You surround yourself in a responsive and supportive environment that encourages vulnerability and well being 
  • The experience boosts your confidence
  • Imagine mutually beneficial professional learning in the form of mentorship – that’s OEMConnect

How The Mentoree Promotes Efficacy

Psychologist Albert Bandura defined self-efficacy as one’s belief in their ability to be successful in particular situations or accomplish a task. An educator’s self-efficacy can play a major role in how they learn and teach. The Mentoree provides educators with a variety of mentorship opportunities that are designed to increase feelings of self-efficacy through an experiential model of learning and teaching.

“People who regard themselves as highly efficacious act, think and feel differently from those who perceive themselves as inefficacious. They produce their own future, rather than simply foretell it.”

Albert Bandura (1986, p 395)